viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Thinking about numbers

Numbers are left-winged! Who would have thought that this right-winged, liberal world would have its foundations based on exactly its opposite ideology. Yes, these eleven members of the evil Numerates sect, yes, to believe or not to believe, if you watch them carefully you will notice that when put together in a line, the one in the left goes first! the boss is on the left!

Besides, as in any sect, each member has its own, hidden personality.

Everybody thinks that number one is the tallish, self-important, big-headed of all numbers. There must be some truth in it, as it is in most cases that it comes first in line...oh, but no one has seen that it is not a "he" but a "she"...haven't you considered her haircut?

Next is number two, the duck...and let me say that I don´t quite see why it is that in the box of matches there are swans instead of ducks...and then city boys are said to confuse a chicken with a cow! Isn't it ironic?

Following number two, there comes the busty girl in the group, the slutty one that enjoys being amongst others. I wonder who the others are...

At night, or early in the morning, it is when they appear. In the bar by the corner, when everybody is gone and only the waiter Oswald stays, cleaning up the tables.

At the crack of dawn, when workers start waking up, five joins them, the most left-winged number in the group, the one that represents the working class. Number six is also working class but I dare say that five is a bit more self-sacrificed.

As in any group, there is a darling, even when I cannot tell the reason this is so, maybe it is because of her long hair, her delicate curves, or if I'm mean I can think it is because she's a bit of a flat-head! haha

To infinity and beyond! who am I talking about? if it wans't because it is always wasted, you could easily tell. Beware: sometimes it is the busty one and her lesbian sister!

After that, nine appears with his twin brothers, all nines, but something uneasy is in the air, they are the conmen, who pretend to be cheap but who are in fact really close to the big-headed and the fatty ones!

And last, but not least, the fatty one himself: zero, who is never overlooked. He may appear in a group and sometimes by the left, when he meets his friend, the comma. Many books have been written about him, he's misterious, but poor him, he is used by the others, talked about, he is even called fatty when his belly is empty (only a few have feed him, the Big blue among them).


Style is the most important thing: to travel with style, to live with style, to enjoy stylishly; but to suffer with style is, indeed, what makes the difference, what makes us unique.